Week 8: Interface Progression

  • Jul 19, 2012


This is the first post in several weeks in which I don’t have a new design to present… which is good, I guess, but now I’m not really sure what to talk about, but I’ll give it my best shot.

I plan to have a local simulation of the test authoring process completed in time for the meeting tomorrow, so, for the past several days, I’ve been scrambling to make a workable interface.

Well… I guess I’ll show you some pictures of the current state of the interface. It’s still a work in progress.

Here’s the View Tests composite:

On the left, there’s a list of tests that have a suggestion for the world (currently the list is kind of short). Soon, I’ll add a copy button so that a mentor can edit a test. The arrow buttons for the steps will eventually span the entire window, and may be different colors.

Next, the world editing step:

The actual world is missing… I’ll try to figure that out tomorrow. Anyway, this is the step where the test author edits their child’s world to reflect the suggestion there script will make. So, this step includes the full world code editing environment.

And lastly, the script authoring composite:

Below the text box lie the passing and failing constructs boxes, which should be unnecessary once the system of checks and x’s next to each construct/statement in the code is implemented.

I still have to work on composites for the final two steps of the process (the running on community worlds step and the submit step) but I think the interface is progressing nicely.


  • nevelsp

    nevelsp said:

    <p>Do the images show up?</p>

    Posted on Jul 19, 2012
  • caitlin

    caitlin said:

    <p>Wow. You've made a lot of progress. The world render window is a little touchy about getting moved, so let me know if you have problems getting that to come back to life.</p> <p>Michelle and I have now run a few participants, so we're starting to get a better idea of the kinds of things people may want as rules. It might be interesting to translate a few of these into rules with the current api just to see how it all feels.</p>

    Posted on Jul 20, 2012

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