First Science Center Results

  • Oct 05, 2012

This Saturday, I went to the Science Center with Jordana. It was very exciting to me, since it was my first time doing that. Unfortunatelly most of the kids were under 10, and I just had the chance to watch the study execution with only two kids. However, I still could get some conclusions from that.

First of all, I saw how hard was to both kids to understand how to drag and drop a single action (procedure) into the story panel. So we think it can be helpful to add arrows in the tutorial following the mouse move and in the narrative the speaker should also emphasize it. Those details may help to minimize this and many other difficulties.

Also when they tried to choose a world, they clicked on its descrition and waited, instead of clicking on the Open button. 

Both kids also suggested to put less text in the tutorials and more examples, so we concluded they didn't want the captions, because its area covered part of the visible window and they couldn't pay attention to the challenge and read the captions at the same time.  However it might be important to keep this option available to people with difficulties to understand or hear the audio (second language speakers, hearing-impaired people, and so on).

Another tutorial improvement could be the emphasis on who is being selected in the world before doing an action related to a specific object/character. Some kids may get lost if the world is selected instead of the character.

And the last, but not the least, observation was that when we drop an action in the story panel, a small window appears showing a list of numbers that is part of the detailed information about the action, but there is no title for this list, no reference, so the user cannot guess what it is about without some trials and errors. So a tutorial about those numbers for the most used actions could also be valid.

This week, I also created an account in Vimeo to post my tutorial samples. I started posting there the fist part of the remix tutorial with some hints (squares and arrows) for users along the tutorial to track mouse moves and click targets. 

In addiction, I started looking for the Kaylo's suggestion on last Friday meeting about autopauses. So I had to search the javascript API for vimeo to interact with the video on a browser. I hope I can figure out how to do that soon. Anyways, I am open to any suggestion or more feasible solutions for this problem.

 Vimeo First Upload:

This was the first video I showed without the captions which will be in a separated file and some adaptations based on the Science Center results.


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