Script for the Remix Tutorial - The Backflip

  • Oct 05, 2012

Hi all!

I just forgot to post the script in my previous post, so I am doing now to get your feedback and keep improving it. Feel free to leave a comment!






Welcome to Looking Glass Remix Tutorial Step 1

Remixing in Looking Glass is when you take actions from another world to use in your world

So, let’s get started

First of all, you need to have your world open

And then, click on the “Remix” button on the top right of the screen

A new window opens with the worlds you can choose to remix

Scroll down to check the available worlds and choose your favorite

And click on the closed tab to see more worlds

To play the animation, just select it and click on the play button

When you finish choosing the world you want to remix, click on the button "Remix this..."

The remix window appears. Wait until it stops playing the scene.

Now it is your turn! When you are done, continue watching step 2



This is the Looking Glass Remix Tutorial Step 2

You are in the remix window with the selected world

On the left panel, there is a timeline for the animation

You can move the timeline back and forward to look at the available actions

You can also see the running actions in details below the animation

And the list with all of them on the right panel

So let’s capture Julia's backflip to remix with our world project

Click on the plus button (+) of the backflip action 

And choose "Mark action as remix start".
There will be where my remixed actions will start.

As we want only this backflip to remix, click in the backflip action again

And choose "Mark action as remix end". This will be where my actions will end.

 Now it is your turn! When you are done, continue watching step 3



This is the Looking Glass Remix Tutorial Step 3

As you have chosen the actions, so click on "Name Your Remix" button on the top

And a new windows appears

Write a name to the selected remix

And its description

Also write a name that represents what each actor did in the remixed animation

As we are not using any flamingo's action, I just call it "none"

Then let’s call Julia as “backfliper”

Click on the "Finish Capturing Action and Move On To Mixing In" button

A new window appears

Now you need to choose who will copy Julia and the Flamingo actions

Let's choose Tommy to do the backflip as Julia

Just click on Tommy's image to choose him

Then click on "Next" button to continue

Now you have to choose an actor for the flamingo

I will choose Tommy again

And then click on "Next"

Now check if the actores are correct

And the ADD_CODE caption is selected

Then, click on the "Finish" button.

We are back to our world window

And the remixed action is right there in yellow

Now we have to drag our action and drop it in the story panel

Now play it and enjoy your remixed animation!

Remix Video:


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