Which tutorials are missing?

  • Oct 12, 2012

Hi everyone!

This week in my meeting with Jordana, we talked about the current tutorials and what could be my goal to the following weeks. My first one is to get a complete tutorial about the remix function (all the steps done), but I had to start thinking what else I could do for the next weeks..

So I came up with a list of the first tutorials I could make:

0 - Remix tutorial (semi-final release, seeking "the voice")

1 - Installation tutorial for parents (if there is no other plans, it can come next)

2 - Get started tutorial, first basic steps such as:

2.1 - A world creation
2.2 - How to customize the scenary (choose the objects and actors)
2.3 - My actions (basic)
2.4 - Body part movements

3 - Sharing my world

This list is vulnerable to increase and more than one tutorial can be done for each subject listed. I am also open to see your opinion. Please feel free to suggest a tutorial you think it is missing.

I also would like to ask so far if there is someone available and wondering to volunteer to be my voice.. As I told you, my English speaking is not a wonder of the world.. but I can do it in Portuguese, as soon as I finish those tutorials. You can count with me for that absolutely.

The remix tutorial was posted in the blog post for its Script.

Thank you all! 



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