Tutorials Design Guide and an Outline

  • Oct 19, 2012

This week, I am working on a design guide/map with sketches of how I will design the next tutorials, such as characters and scenarios that I will use, outlines about what I will be teaching on each of them, patterns and some other constraints they could have in general and that I can think in advance, before go ahead on the video making.


I can also use that guide to help me organizing a schedule of those tutorials week by week up to the end of semester as my goals. This way I will be able to track my progress on designing those videos.

This week I also improved the Remix Tutorial with zooms in and out to make it easier for users:

https://vimeo.com/51334709  - I just replaced the old video on vimeo.


Additionally, I started the outline for my next tutorial, which will probably be the Installation Tutorial, as follows:

Installation Tutorial Outline

1 - Go to the Looking Glass web page (lookingglass.wustl.edu)

2 - Create an account in Looking Glass

3 - Click on the button "Download it now and get started" or "Free Download"

4 - Choose your Operational System: Windows (first video) or MAC OSX (second video)

5 - Download Files

6 - Installation Process

    6.1 - Next, then check "I accept agreement" and Next

    6.2 - Leave the folder as default, then Next.

    6.3 - Create Desktop Icon (optional, uncheck if you don't want to), and Next

    6.4 - Wait installing files (progress bar), then Finish.

7 - Run Looking Glass

    7.1 - Start Menu - Search for Looking Glass and run it

    7.2 - Click on Looking Glass icon and wait it to open 


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