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  • Oct 25, 2012

This week I finished up my drafts for the tutorials that I could think of. So, I created a kind of outline for each of them and started recording following it, which made my work easier.

I built a world to work with on the tutorials where I included a room scenary and 3 characters: a boy (Tommy), a girl (Julie) and a cute dog. I put this character because I noticed at the Science Center that the kids love pets, so it may be interesting to have something related.

 My world is published and can be accessed the link below:

For Friday, if I get the chance, I will probably present some pieces of my remix tutorial and talk a little bit about the experience with kids in the Science Center. 

I realized I am using a lot of details in my tutorials, so I think it could be good to have simple versions of the tutorials with more straightforward actions to get things done in the easiest way and some complete tutorials with more details..

So here are the outlines I have so far:


0 - Have your finished world open

1 - Click on Share at the top right of the window

2 - A new window will open to enter the world details

3 - Type the world title and description (About)

4 - Type tag names to make your post easier to be found

5 - Make sure you are sharing as world since it is a new Scenary

6 - Record a video preview to be published in the Looking Glass website

7 - Click on Share, watch it and confirm OK! 




This tutorial will be about placing objects and make up a new scenary

I will create a sample world to guide through this tutorial. 


- Choose ROOM template from  worlds

- Setup Scene

- Customize the Scene (adding airmaire and sofa)

- Create characters (two kids) 

- Customize outfit, body shape and head

- Name them Tommy and Julie

- Add an animal (dog)

- Select objects and move them

- Translate, rotate and resize objects.




It would be the code part. Exploring basic actions.


- Present Panels

- Dog says "woof woof"

- Present different types of moves and panels for Amount

- Dog moves toward Tommy

- Tommy turns head down to dog

- Julie walks some steps

- Julie says "Come here, puppy!" 

- Dog moves toward Julie (Teaching how to copy an existing action)

- Julie turns head down to the dog (copy from Tommy)



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