Tutorial with Voice Narration

  • Nov 08, 2012

This week I have worked on the First Actions Tutorial voice narration with Aarthi! Now we have a complete version of the tutorial in the following link:


I really liked how the Aarthi’s enthusiastic voice fit in the tutorial.
A special thanks to her for helping me with this!

After recording, I realized that, as a foreign student, I was reading too slow and leaving more time than necessary to read the subtitles, so I just had to make some more adaptations to synchronize subtitles and voice. Now it is ready to go to the Science Center. Any feedback from you, guys, is ever welcome!

I also finished my tags study sheet with the questions I will ask myself or the user in the Science Center to facilitate the note taking part.

In Caitlin’s blog post about the Remix demo in the Science Center, I found very good thoughts about the remix function that will probably work as a feedback to my first tutorial about Remix. Since she tested the same actions as I did (Julie’s Bow), I could get a superficial kind of user test result about the actions I was showing in the tutorial and understand in which part of the process they might get lost. I realized it was a mistake not showing them the help bar, it could be useful in case they don’t know what to do. So this is a first update to my previous video tutorial that will soon be with voice and also ready to be tested by kids. 


  • kyle

    kyle said:

    <p>I'm glad to hear you've made a lot of progres son this tutorial!</p>

    Posted on Nov 09, 2012
  • caitlin

    caitlin said:

    <p>You're doing a nice job adding things like the arrows to the tutorial to help people understand what to do. But, the other thing to keep in mind is that these tutorials also need to inspire people to want to use the system. So, you want to make sure that the stories you create in the tutorials are stories kids would want to build. Having the goal of making people smile when they see the completed tutorial is probably a good proxy for this.</p>

    Posted on Nov 09, 2012

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