Looking Glass is a programming environment for ages 10 and up. With Looking Glass, you can create and share animated stories, simple games, and even virtual pets.

Download Looking Glass


Create an animated story

Using Looking Glass, anyone can created their own 3D stories full of fun characters and rich animations. Looking Glass enables creatives minds of any age to create complex narratives using a simple drag and drop interface. In writing their stories, users begin to learn basic programming constructs like parallel actions, iteration, conditionals, and object-oriented code.


Remix to learn new skills

Remixing helps you create complex stories by capturing interesting animations from other individuals worlds and using them in your project. Think that animation of an alien doing the moon walk would be perfect for your underwater diver? Simply remix the action and bring it to life in your world. Remixing encourages code reuse and helps teach you new skills by looking at example code and interactively exploring how that code works.


Share your story on the web

Once you've made an awesome project, why not share it online with the world? The Looking Glass online community has hundreds of templates to get you started, remixes to incorporate into your project, and worlds to inspire you. Participating in the community is a great way to get feedback and suggestions for your worlds.