What Is Computer Programming?

Computers are an important part of our daily lives - they help us solve complex problems and access information through the internet. Computers are everywhere, but how do they work? A computer program tells a computer what to do. It is a set of step-by-step instructions that tell a how to reach some goal. A program could be as simple as writing the words, "Hello World!" on the screen or as complex as sequencing the human genome. With the right instructions, computers can do almost anything.

Why Is Programming Important?

Programming experience is highly valuable in today's technology-driven world. In fact, programming is useful in many other fields, not just computer science. Programming is an application of computational thinking, which is a creative and useful problem-solving skill in school, jobs and everyday life."

Programming with Looking Glass

Looking Glass enables users to program 3D animated stories. It uses a drag and drop programming interface to make coding easier to pick up and to reduce potential errors. Using Looking Glass, novice programmers can pick up key programming concepts like parallel actions, iterations, conditionals, and object-oriented code.

What Is Looking Glass?

Looking Glass a programming environment for ages 10 and up. With Looking Glass, you can create and share animated stories, simple games, and even virtual pets. Looking Glass is the successor to Storytelling Alice, one of the only programming environments to show increased motivation among girls.

Looking Glass Tutorials
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