Privacy Policy

We are committed to keeping the Looking Glass application and community safe and secure for children. In accordance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), we limit the kinds of information that we collect and display online.

Looking Glass Community

You can look at projects (or worlds) that other users have shared on the Looking Glass community without registering for an account or providing any information to us.

If you want to share your own projects through the Looking Glass Application, bookmark an existing project so that you can use it within Looking Glass, or comment on an existing project then you will need to create a Looking Glass Community account. The only way for users to communicate with each other is through public comments. There is no way for a user to contact you privately through Looking Glass.

When you create an account, we will ask you for some information: your username, password, and birth date. If you are under 13, we will ask for your parent's email address. We do not ask for your name, phone number, or home address. On the website, other users will be able to see your username. All of the other information you give us when you create an account is kept private.

As you use the Looking Glass community, we collect some data about where you click and what parts of the website you explore. The community uses cookies to keep track of some information. A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer that indicates you have been to a website. We do not and will not sell, rent, or share any of your information with anyone.

Looking Glass Application

You can download the Looking Glass application without providing any information to us. When you open Looking Glass on your home computer, the application requests some popular projects from the community website. We do not require that you provide any information to us in order to see these popular projects within Looking Glass.

If you already have a Looking Glass account, you can log in through the application to see projects on the Looking Glass community that you have bookmarked, and to share your existing projects.

When you interact with Looking Glass based projects through the application, we record some information about which projects you have viewed or from which you have remixed.

Changing Your Password or Deleting Your Account

You can change your password or delete your account at any time. To change your password, please visit our password recovery page (you'll need the username and the email account you used to register. If you would like us to delete your account or your child's account, please email us with the username, email address used to register the account, and the user's birth date.


One of the goals of the Looking Glass project is to provide opportunities to learn computer programming to children worldwide. We use some of the information that we collect on the Looking Glass community and application to study how people learn from and use Looking Glass. We use this information to help us improve the Looking Glass application and website. In addition, we sometimes share results with other educators and researchers so that what we learn can help improve educational opportunities beyond Looking Glass.