What is Looking Glass?

Looking Glass is a 3D interactive story telling application developed at Washington University in St. Louis. With the Looking Glass software, kids build short animated movies while also learning basic programming skills. In today's technology-driven world, programming experience is a highly valuable skill to have. Programming is an application of computational thinking, which is a creative and useful problem-solving skill in school, jobs, and everyday life. Looking Glass provides a fun and engaging environment that allows kids to express themselves through stories while also teaching them how to program.

What is the Looking Glass Community?

The community is the Looking Glass online portal. Through our community, users can share the stories they have created, view community created content, and discover new animations and tricks to use in their next story. The community is a safe environment for kids to continue their programming education online and collaborate with other users.

What is your privacy policy?

We make it a point to collect no personal information during signup or at any point on the community. Please take a moment to read over our privacy policy with your child and discuss safe practices before allowing them to use the site.

Additional Resources

The resources listed below are excellent places to find information regarding staying safe online.