Code Tests on the Server

  • Feb 08, 2013

After stumbling around in the dark a bit with Rails, I've made it possible to upload Code Tests into the database. There interface in the IDE isn't designed to make this process very easy yet, but that seems like it will be fairly straightforward, a couple of weeks down the line.

Also this week, I worked with Reilly to fix a few API methods that she needed to get her first few badges working. The last thing I need to work on for now to get those badges working is to find the equivalent of what we initially were calling "is called from MyFirstMethod." This gets complicated since myFirstMethod can be renamed or deleted (and important user-written code can end up in other places). My first alternative was to instead do the equivalent of "is called from initializeEventListeners" (the class that is generated to call myFirstMethod), but this class can also be renamed or deleted (although this is going to leave users a little bit out to dry if they do so). I think this is a horribly unlikely case for almost all, if not all, Looking Glass users, but if it's a legitimate concern, then this method becomes much more difficult to design.

In addition, I talked with Michelle this week about coding up the tests designed in her mentor study in the new Code Tests interface. I'd love to be able to help her with this, although I'm not sure i have enough time to write all of these. I'm hoping by providing her access to the tests I've already written (and maybe Reilly will share too), Michelle can pattern to write all of the tests she needs.


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