Tests and Rules

  • Nov 09, 2012

Finally got the Codetest framework working. It turns out I had gotten an older version, and once that was fixed, the problems were gone. I'm going to use the option for nonconsecutive ("spread") first, since I will be searching through the whole World's code, and as of right now I'm hard-coding the name of the method I will be searching for. I've tried it (and it's worked) with "move", but I might switch this, I remember last week that there was mention of "setVehicle" and possibly other methods that this might be especially useful for. I am also going to start by restricting it to clips involving only one actor, since that's simpler and easier to check for than "primarily one actor". I am also going to explore ways to try to take down when in the video/where in the code this appears, so that I can block off start/end places for the mini-remix.


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