Setting up Clips

  • Nov 16, 2012

This week I looked into the world I made and separated it out into potential clips that could be made from it. I tried to get a variety of clips, and evaluate the pros and cons of them. Often I've found that there are opposing goals: should the clips be simpler and more indicative of an example of an action or more compelling like a typical remix clip? should they stick with only one primary character (originally one of my rules) for ease of remixing it into a scene or use multiple characters to give the clip more context and/or demonstrate the different facets of the action? should we include things like the use of Questions and Action Ordering Boxes to encourage the users to become familiar with and use them, or try to avoid those to not take the focus off the initial action? should we try to use a standard for all actions for consistency or treat actions differently based on their complexity and/or how often they're typically used?

Additionally, I've been working with the codetest framework to be able to select actions that fit the criteria for a good clip. As I explore the capabilities of the codetests as well as narrow down the focus of these preview clips, I'll continue to refine my rules of what constitutes a good preview clip.


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