Remix Tutorial - The Magic Escape

  • Dec 06, 2012

Over this week, I worked on my new Remix Tutorial – The Magic Escape. I have presented a preview of this one in the last meeting, but now it is ready to be tested at the Science Center this coming Saturday. I used the new challenge of animal tricks instead of the backflip. The aim of this tutorial is to change the challenge’s end with a cool remix. So, I changed the cat's trick to a magic escape using the white mushroom and the Caitlin's challenge "Time to Depart" (

When I was doing this tutorial, I realized how watching Michael doing the remix demo at the Science Center was very helpful! I didn't know the feature of bookmarking a world in do before remixing it. I thought all that I could do was to remix the ones the program shows... Now it is even easier to find a remix that matches the best.

Another issue was to explain how to use the help bar in the program. To do not make the tutorial longer than it already is, I just showed that there is the help button there and how it gives tips about what to do.

Remix Tutorial – The Magic Escape link:

The soundtrack I will use for his tutorial will be Edie Murphy - Wedding music track 01: a classical composition that makes perfect wedding background music; pizzicato strings, swaying cello and double basses accompany French horn melodies.


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