• Feb 08, 2013

This week, Mary and I determined that are next step in bringing remixes to the site would be to add tagging functionality. After discussion of the new home page at last Friday's team meeting, we were inspired to create a similar tag cloud for the remix index page.

Ways we wanted tagging to be incorporated with remixes:

  1. "Add tags" on remixes
  2. Search: searching for tags will deliever remix results
  3. Tag cloud: tags from remixes will surface in a cloud to give quick, inspirational browsing. This actually will also be a means of filtering content, not just browsing.

As of now, tag search is still broken, but we spent a lot of time looking through the code. I made  changes that fixed some of tag functionality so that we can now do searches and display results. After getting to this stage, I was able to extract a portion of code that displays a tag cloud when there are no search results, and put it in a reusable partial. I set this partial up to show remix tags at the top of the remix index page. This tag cloud is not fully integrated because right now clicking a tag will redirect to the tags show page instead of doing the filtering on the remixes page.


Scenario in mind:

A user goes to the remix tab and sees a tag cloud about the search results. This user sees a tag "swim" and clicks it to display all remixes that include "swim" and a new tag cloud of related tags. Instead of stopping there, she can click a related tag such as "scuba" to direct her browsing results. With breadcrumbs in place, she could easily go back on through her search path.

created at: 02/08/2013

created at: 02/08/2013


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