Tag clouds and debugging

  • Feb 21, 2013
Mary and I had a lot of success last week with pair programming to fix tags and search, but this week our efforts were unfortunately disjoint. (I was out of commission for the first half of the week and she was out of town interviewing for the latter half.) We communicated by email, but it was unfortunate we didn't get time in the lab to work together.

Mary added in the JQCloud gem, which is a plug-in for making visually appealing tag clouds that Kyle found. (https://github.com/archit/jqcloud-rails) As of this point, we are still trying to get it working. I got stuck while debugging javascript, but I made a handful of small changes to fix things in the tags and remix areas of the site in the process.

We have re-added remixes into the post-release version of tags, and wanted to get the JQCloud working to be used in remixes, and other areas of the site like tag search and the new homepage. Our plan for now is to meet up tomorrow or Monday (depending on flight delays) to get in sync and to reach out to Kyle or Jordana for advice.


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