User studies and polymorphic remixes

  • Apr 12, 2013
The past couple weeks have been focused on user studies at the Science Center and preparing remixes for merging with the main branch.

Remixes were switched to a polymorphic model this week thanks to a lot of help and guidance from Kyle! Remixes touch many areas of the site so Mary and I have been systematically making sure everything is working as expected post-change and fixing issues we've found.

This week, fine tuning to the site was also done as a result of our experience in prepping for user studies. For example, remix videos previously displayed information such as which world it was remixed from and who performed the remix action. After filling out the site with test remixes, I found that it would be helpful to see the description and title of the remix instead of just its origins.

I'm looking forward to user studies this Saturday with Mary and Kyle. Hopefully we will get valuable data to improve the remixes even more before the end of semester.


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