Navigation part 2

  • Sep 14, 2012
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I'm really excited about the visual look and feel of the upcoming Looking Glass website. Using plenty of feedback from others in the lab, especially Kyle, I moved key aspects of the top navigation menu to better utilize the space of the page. Now, not only will we be getting fancy new searches in the near future, but a cleaner, more coherent layout overall.

This week, I also met with Reilly and Mary. Reilly proposed some new badge designs that I'm impressed with, and we're looking forward to getting feedback from the rest of the group. Along with this improvement, I've also been tinkering with the backend of how to efficiently award users badges based on newly-created skills. Mary and I also pushed forward on what's going to be the first version of magic sort, which will hopefully become a live feature of the site about the same time as the new navigation system.


  • kyle

    kyle said:

    <p>btw... I really like the new navigation scheme!</p>

    Posted on Sep 14, 2012

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