At last, at last

  • Nov 29, 2012

Since my last post, my IRB was approved and I booked 36 children to participate in the challenges study, which starts this Saturday. I have the specialized IDEs built and ready to go, challenges built, headphones and gift certificates bought, confirmations and directions sent to parents, study rooms booked. I still need to set up the lap tops. Just another week as a Ph.D. student.


More substantially, though, I'm excited to see how this study goes. I'm curious to see the effects of pre-built story environments on the engagement and motivation of these participants, versus those who build their stories from scratch. I'm looking to see what edge, if any, users in the former category have on pressing ahead in learning the capabilities of Looking Glass beyond scene building. I'm also interested to see the differences in the types of stories built, and how involved and ambitious they are. Hopefully this study pulls some interesting and revealing data.


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