Preparing for New Looking Glass Release

  • Sep 28, 2012

After writing the CHI paper I'm still playing catch-up with getting the things I neglected during that time. We are working toward building a new Looking Glass release. For me this means getting the tutorials working in an experimental mode for remix and switching our community to use SSL always.

I also think it's time we stop making changes to master and start really working towards ruby 1.9. We will need it for code tests and helping Jordana update the community this week was a pain again because of the rails 3.1 assets. I think it's time to move forward on this front and stop using ruby 1.8 for all development. We need to use the new API in LG's edge and community edge too... this will help us starting working out the bugs.

Further, early next week I want to start talking to Dennis and start working towards what we need to do create the new tutorials and get rid of prep-steps. I think it's time to get this working so I can have a paper for IDC or IUI or something in the spring.


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