• Sep 06, 2012

I am working to incorporate the Kinect with Looking Glass.  The Kinect's cameras can track a moving human body and provide this tracking information to Xbox 360.  The Microsoft Kinect SDK provides access to the Kinect data; however developers must currently use C++/C# to access this SDK.  Over the summer, I explored ways to allow a Java program to access the Microsoft Kinect SDK.  After exploring several options, I found Jnect, which is an Eclipse plugin that bridges Java and the Microsoft Kinect SDK.  Jnect was tied into Eclipse, so my first task was to get Jnect to run as a standalone Java application (which I recently accomplished).  Now that Jnect can run independently of Eclipse, my next task is to incorporate the Kinect in Looking Glass.  Over the next few weeks I will be tying in the Kinect with Looking Glass so that if a Looking Glass user has a Kinect, their own body movements will be reflected by the movements of a Looking Glass character.


  • kyle

    kyle said:

    <p>Why did you choose to use Jnect and not openkinect? It runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux and doesn't require removing eclipse from it to use it.</p>

    Posted on Sep 07, 2012

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