Skeleton Listener

  • Oct 12, 2012

This week I have continued to work on Kinect Events and Listeners.  Last week I worked to get an event and listener in Looking Glass to recognize right hand movement and respond with movement of the helicopter in Paul's helicopter game.  This required setting up a background thread in Looking Glass, and some problems surfaced as I tried this implementation.  

This week I have been working to create events and a Skeleton Listener within jnect so that the changes in a user's body position will be immediately and automatically part of the event.  Although I was out of town for a couple of days this week, I have spent many hours trying to correctly set up and hook up my jnect listener and events with my listener in Looking Glass.  This has proved to be challenging, and I am currently working on an interface in jnect that can be called by Looking Glass to make everything functional.  Although this part of the development process is long, once this piece is in place (events and listeners), it should be relatively easy to define new events and listeners and be able to integrate the Kinect with many different types of games in Looking Glass.

Also, I have used a free diagramming tool called Freeplane to create an outline of the jnect packages and classes.  I am planning to expand this diagram to include the new classes that I am creating so that at a glance, the jnect structure will be easier to understand.


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