Week 7 (7/6 - 7/13)

  • Jul 16, 2012

This week has been great. I managed to complete my additions to the Looking Glass Community website. I had been working on putting tabs in the world show page in order to save space for the remix animations that I am going to be putting in. The main trouble I had been having was connecting each of the tabs to the information each was supposed to be displaying. With help from everyone working on the community, I managed to get this working after breaking various parts of the website and then fixing them. It's been really great because I rather enjoy working through trial and error. There is so much more to learn when I can immediately see how something I changed fails or is successful on the website. I have definitely learned a great deal about haml and css this week. I was actually gone on Thursday and Friday because I was helping run Engineering Summer Weekend, which is a new program offered by WashU for incoming freshmen.

Friday, I finished adding tabs to the world show page. I had found a website that explained how to add tabs and was using that and the existing code from the navigation tabs at the top to create the new tabs that I wanted. The css and html was formatted so that it finally looked pretty, but I was still having trouble connecting the tabs to the information it was supposed to display.

Monday was spent fixing a bunch of things that I had inadvertantly broken while creating tabs. In moving content into the tabs, I had missed several conditional statements about what happens when a world is hidden by the user and what happens if the user is not logged in. I continued to work on making the connection between the tabs and their content.

Tuesday, Jordana showed me the tabs on the challenge page, and that was extremely helpful in showing me the appropriate code to make the connection between each tab so that clicking on a tab will display the proper information. I ended up having to create a new css file to make tabs work because if I use the tabs that are already present on the challenge page, the formatting gets really weird and things don't stay in their boxes.

Wednesday, I spent fixing some background color inheritance issues. The content inside the tab was inheriting all of the colors of the tabs. After messing around for a long time with the css file that was involved and the haml file, it actually turned out to be some indenting issues. At this point, I worked on getting the options tab to display the buttons horizontally and hide all of the options when the user is not logged in. I began editing suggested worlds so that they will show up without overlapping and looking messy in their box. Making changes with the sidebar_worlds actually affected a bunch of things, so I left things looking absurd with text cut off because the overflow setting was on hidden.

Thursday and Friday, I actually spent the weekend running Engineering Summer Weekend for the university. It is a new program that Engineering Student Services and the First Year Center are testing out to help incoming engineering freshmen get to know other students and also register early. It was a lot of fun, and I hope that the program continues next year. Everyone in the lab was very helpful in letting me come in on Friday to show them the lab and what we have been working on this summer.


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