It's all in the details

  • Feb 07, 2013

I have continued working on my paper this week and have started moving from an outline toward a draft. I think one of the biggest challenges about writing about something I have done is that I know all of the picky details and reasons why I did things, so it's easy to leave them out and not notice. One of the first sections I wrote this week was the section describing Looking Glass and the community. I realized from my outline that I was assuming a lot of knowledge about the system that I reference later in my paper but never actually explained. While this section is not the focus of the paper, it is important for readers to have a solid understanding of what Looking Glass is.

One section that needs a significant amount of work is the results section. For CHI, we did a lot of qualitative analysis about mentor suggestions and rules, but I am still working on figuring out what the most important results to report are and how to shape them in a cohesive way. A few of the CHI reviewers requested examples of the suggestions and rules, which I think would be a very useful addition, but I am still working on selecting the examples so that they are meaningful and effective in demonstrating the results of the study. I would also like to have more complete results for the implementation of rules, so I have started thinking about what I would like to say about them.



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