Do Together Snags

  • Feb 14, 2013
I began this week by helping get the new homepage bar real world ready. Despite the git and javascript snags, it is now up for public viewing (mostly Kyle’s doing :p). In the badges code test world, I’m still marching forward. Thanks to Aaron’s new method, I can now filter out code that is inside an action order box(s) that has been disabled. I am in the midst of creating a test for the Do Together skill. The criteria seems simple at first: a Do Together must contain two or more actions. However, I have found many snags. First of all, what happens if the expression statement is inside of another action order box. If it inside of a While loop, there is a possibility that the boolean may be false, and the expression statement would not execute. I can’t really test that unless I run their world. What about an If/Else? Do I need to mandate that there be an expression statement in both the if and the else boxes so that I am guaranteed a statement will execute? However, if they only have one of the boxes filled and their world fulfills the criteria so that the Do Together does make two actions happen at once, will the kid be confused if she doesn’t earn the badge? After driving myself crazy thinking about these things, I realized that I may be going off the deep end of edge-cases. So, I am going to for now assume that everything is reachable and wait until actual users show me that there is a huge hole in my tests before making myself spin in circles trying to patch them preemptively. Anyone have any insight or response? ....I apologized for the squished blog. I wrote it was nice paragraph breaks but they won't show up in the published version for some reason...


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