Badges System Reworked and Moving Toward Testing

  • Mar 28, 2013
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I started this week by meeting with Caitlin, Jordana and Kyle about changing the way we award and think about badges. Several key things:

1. Users can now earn badges by combining skills in different worlds. This, then, means that both worlds and users can earn badges and skills. (Previously, user earned badges/skills through their worlds). This is not only an easier story for the user to digest, but also will make the way I display badges on the website much cleaner.

2. The logic that runs the badges (prerequisites, requirements, etc) now exists in tables as opposed to our previous system of hard coding the logic into files. While much of my community stuff is built on badge archetype files and will need to be converted, I think that going forward this will be a simpler system to deal with.

In other news, I am currently working toward user testing. I added badge icons to world and user thumbnails as well as displaying badges news. I am currently working on solidifying a good organization system for skills and code tests so I can populate the database and get ready to add in my codetests.


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