Finishing Up Stuff

  • Aug 02, 2012

This week was spent finishing up various parts of my research experience.  On Monday, Kyle and I went through all of our user study data and entered it into excel.  Removing the mercy condition, the results are as we hypothesized.  However, this leaves us with only 12 users, so Kyle will have to run some more user studies in the future.  I, however, will not be here for these. :(


The rest of the week was spent getting my aspect focusing working (which it now does...yay!!!!!) and making my poster for the symposium.  Here is my poster, with the demonstration of what the aspect focusing looks like as well.


Mini picture of my poster:






Click here to see the big version of my poster!!!



P.S. Thanks for a great summer.  I'm going to miss working with all of you guys!



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