[Tag] Cloudy with a Chance of Remixes

  • Mar 08, 2013
Hello! It turns out I've forgotten to blog again for a bit. So last week Atalie and I started trying to get the tag cloud in place on the remixes page, for easier browsing. We got it to a point where the correct tags were populating it, but you couldn't click on them in any useful way. We were struggling with passing the correct information back and forth between Ruby in the controllers and javascript and jQuery in the partial. JQCloud was also being super picky about formatting. BUT! This week we have triumphed! The tag cloud is now both pretty and functional. It can be found on the tag search page in the sidebar (if you've already searched for something, it shows related tags) or at the top-center (if you haven't specified any queries yet). On the remix index, our tag cloud shows tags that are specifically on remixes. Clicking one takes you to the collection of remixes with that tag, and the tag cloud then changes to show you the tags related to the one you're on. On the remix index, the tag cloud includes whatever tag you've selected. On the main tag search results page, it does not. This is intentional, but could be up for debate, if anyone sees a reason to change it. I also ended up playing around with remix partials, because let's be honest, it's a lot of fun. Now they have the tags displayed, and the overlay content is hidden while the video plays, with the exception of the options bar. I figure maybe a user just can't contain his or her excitement while watching the remix, and wants to just bookmark it right then and there, even while the video is playing. (Also, I couldn't get the options bar to hide during video play without having it come back permanently, instead of as a hover element. So yeah, that's actually why it stays.)


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