Partials and Planning

  • Mar 22, 2013
This week I fixed some things about the remix partial that were mentioned at last week's meeting about the location of the toolbar links, and what does and doesn't show up when the video is playing. Kyle, Atalie, Reilly, Paul, and I also sat down and figured out the beginnings of a plan regarding user testing at the Science Center. Kyle's work involves automatically generated tutorials for remixes, and so Atalie and I are going to combine our project with his for testing. We want to test how users search for remixes, and how quickly they can find results that they are happy with. Kyle's tutorials work for most remixes, and so we will have the kids search on the site to test the searching and tag cloud aspects of Remixes, and then use the remixes that they find in Kyle's tutorials on the IDE side. Atalie and I are also interested in testing what motivates kids to look for remixes, and whether or not remixes can spark story ideas for kids, such that they would get to coding sooner with remixes. This part we probably won't be testing yet.


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