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  • Mar 28, 2013
In gearing up for the Science Center user study, I talked with Kyle this week about how we will integrate tutorials and remix searching. The plan is to have a laptop and a monitor, so that the community Remix page can always remain visible (on the monitor) and the IDE can remain visible on the laptop. We will begin in the IDE, by providing approximately three worlds, each already containing some code, from which the child may choose one. We will then explain bookmarking and remixing to her, with words and or video explanations. We'll direct the kid's attention to the community Remix page, and ask her to find remixes she wants to use in her story and bookmark them. She can search for more remixes on the site at any time during the user test. Once she has found a few remixes, we'll direct her back to the IDE, where Kyle will test his tutorials by having the child add her selected remixes to her selected world. After each remix tutorial, there will be a transfer task before the child is prompted to choose another remix to add to her world.

I think the majority of next week will be spent making the few worlds and the many remixes we'll use for the testing. Our first test day is April 7th.

I fixed the remix video partials again, so now they work just as I want them to, and look fairly spiffy, if I do say so myself. Atalie and I both took a stab at putting a tag cloud on the remixes bookmarks page, and it works and all, but since the Remix page has anchors, whichever section isn't loaded first (all or bookmarked), the tag cloud for the other section is spaced out incorrectly. Removing the cloud from the bookmarks page doesn't fix this, because if you select "bookmarks" from the Remix drop down, on the main navbar, the tag cloud in the "all remixes" section is spaced incorrectly. I looked into javascript's onhashchange stuff, and it seems like the right answer, but I didn't get far yet. Also took some time to delve back into polymorphism in the other branch. I'm hoping to make some more progress on that tomorrow.


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