Things Mostly Work, What a Concept!

  • Apr 12, 2013
We didn't get any participants last week at the Science Center, which was a bit of a let down, but we're headed back tomorrow, so hopefully we'll get some kids then.

This week we've fixed a lot of bugs in order to merge our remixes-tagcloud branch into the main edge branch. Kyle, Jordana, and Michelle are amazing, wonderful humans, and spontaneously fixed most of the polymorphic stuff involving remixes. They also renamed things: remixes => snippets, worldremixes => remixes. This makes way more sense to me, and I've drawn up a lovely little diagram of all the relationships and how their database columns work out, now.

In terms of bug fixin', the tag cloud was overflowing its section of the page, so it's properly corralled, now. The javascript that gets the snippet videos to work was broken for the bookmark section, due to my [un]cleverly having non-unique div IDs. Once I realized that and corrected it, the videos seem to be working well. Atalie put in the snippet titles and descriptions, because after last week, she, Kyle, and I had talked about how this seemed more useful than knowing information about what world a snippet came from. Thus the world info has taken a back seat, and is still available, but solely represented by the thumbnails with mouseover text and links. The polymorphism stuff meant that even though the remixes unit/functional tests worked in edge, that they were a wee bit broken in our branch, so I fixed those. We still need to make them more complete, but what's there presently is correct, at least. After fixing those, I put remix action creation back in, and though I've not successfully tested it on the localhost site/IDE, I put in a couple tests in the actions unit test, and those are passing.


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