Games in Looking Glass

  • Sep 14, 2012

I have begun looking at how to improve game creation in Looking Glass.  I created a simple dodge ball game with a the Big Bad Wolf where the player uses the arrow keys to avoid red balls and collect green ones.  There were several pain points I discovered, the most notable of which were keeping score (I had to move a block up and down out of view of the camera), and moving a character.  One option for character movement is flexible in the movements it allows, but doesn't allow continuous movement.   The other is rigid in only allowing movement in the cardinal directions, but it allows smooth continuous movement.

I briefly considered creating a crude physics engine to support games with gravity and throwing things, but I put that idea on hold because I figured it would make more sense to do that in the underlying code and expose parts of it to the user rather than try to create it through the looking glass interface.

Instead, I moved on to consider games that might lend themselves more to the story telling nature of looking glass and the limitations of the platform.  I am currently working on a Simon Says / Memory game which I hope will fall into this category.






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