Automatic Type detection and a Croquet Foray

  • Feb 01, 2013

This week made a array creation automatically detect the closest common ancestor between the types in the array and set the array's type to that.  Unfortunately, this breaks the array when it is created.  I am in the process of tracking it down, but have not solved it yet.  It seems to have to do with the way the interface constructs lots of arrays while you're in the process of selecting array members.  I believe somewhere in automatically detecting the types in these arrays (especially if they have no members) is breaking, so the final resulting array is also broken.

In more optimistic news, I started working on the mini-gallery for browsing local variables. Here's the sketch of that for reference:

After some helpful pointers from Michelle, I was able to use the Swing Explorer to better understand the incredibly deep hierarchy of classes in Croquet.  I also managed to frankenstein the whole gallery to basically the spot I want the mini gallery to be. I have begun wrestling with the monstrosity I created in order to have it contain local variables rather than all the models.



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