Dropdowns working and a first look at the world to be tested

  • Mar 27, 2013

I started out this week tackling some bugs that my crawlers introduced that snuck past me last week. The crawlers weren't handling ForEach's and EachInTogether's properly and were going haywire when it came time to check if a methodInvocation was valid. My fix for this last part is a bandaid at best, and it needs to be revisited, but it works for my purposes currently and I wanted to focus on my upcoming user tests.

I finally got the dropdown behavior I want to work. When a character doesn't have a particular method it needs, it shows up greyed out in the bottom and lists what behavior it's missing. It looks remarkably similar to the sketches I made at the end of last semester which is pretty gratifying. I achieved this after talking with Dennis and being pointed towards CascadeSeparators and CascadeCancels. This allowed me to put things in the dropdown that aren't selectable.

I also made a first iteration of the world I want users to test. In the world, there is a Bunny, a Wolf, a Cow, a Yak, and a Flamingo. Among them, some can jump, some can dance, and some can roll over. My idea for a test is to tell the user who can jump, and who can roll over and have them make the characters do that in a loop. Then for the "dance" one, I wouldn't tell them who can do it, and have them figure it out for themselves. I hope that with the for-loop tutorials and having the first two loops suggested to them that figuring out the third will be doable. I'm excited to show this to the group and get feedback.


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