Review of User Test and beginning my report

  • Apr 10, 2013

Last Saturday, Jordana, Reilly and I went to the Science center to conduct some user tests. The weather was fantastic which was not fantastic for numbers at the Science Center. We still got one user to go through both of our tests, and he seemed like he had a great time doing it.

It was really rewarding to see him go through my test. He had been primed by first going through Reilly and Jordana's, so I was fortunate that he had worked with the interface before. He made it through the Jump world much faster and easier than I expected. He then moved on to the Dance world where there were a few difficulties. He ended up using "pointAt" instead of the "dance" method I provided, but he did successfully get an EachInTogether working. He then moved on to the world with all of the characters together and had them all do "pointAt" too, so they spun around to look at different things.

It was encouraging to see him work through the test and make the EachInTogether's work, but unfortunately, the second two worlds, he didn't make use of behavior specific to particular groups. My test worlds and instructions may need to be tweaked to focus more on testing groups of characters where only some of them have the behavior.

Another point I noticed was that it was still a little difficult to discover the new variable created when the EachInTogether gets placed. I was thinking that lighting it up in the Instance dropdown the first time the dropdown happens after it's newly created might help with this. I figure the user is probably going to go looking for that variable after the create the EachInTogether, so highlighting it just the first time could help it stand out. I will be working more on this and changing up the test before my next trip to the Science center on the 21st.


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