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  • loganchristopher

    loganchristopher asked a question:

    Hah, impossible handstands.. you may want to see something like this : <a href="">How to do a handstand</a>

    Posted on Aug 19, 2012
  • DianaL

    DianaL asked a question:

    I couldn't read the captions. I'm new here. Does it have to go that fast or is there a way I can adjust it?

    Posted on Apr 26, 2012
  • kyle

    kyle asked a question:

    Did you use any count loops to make this?

    Posted on Apr 18, 2012
  • reilly

    reilly asked a question:

    It looks like the handstand is actually on the table when its on the computer. But, they are floating in the air when I record to upload. Anyway to fix that or make it have the same perspective?

    Posted on Apr 18, 2012
  • reilly

    reilly shared the world Study party.

    posted on Apr 18, 2012